About Us

Cinematographers. Filmmakers. Storytellers. 
We live in mixed reality, some people don't feel this quite well others are fully ready for 100% digital transformation, anyway let's make a new world more beautiful and don't forget about our biological ancestors and their mistakes. Augmented and virtual can play a dominant role in social helping people to discover inner beauty in each other, but these technologies can be harmful to everyone making them forget the real world with its struggles and mutual assistance to other people and nature support. 


Golden Niсa "Digital music», 2008 

Archimedes Exhibition «Best innovations», 2017

«Audiovisual performance», 2020

Golden Nica 2008

Golden Niсa "Digital music», 2008

Innovation Awards 2017

Archimedes Exhibition «Best innovations», 2017


World Guinness Records 2021

World Guinness records «Audiovisual performance»

MIDEM Cannes 2007

MIDEM Cannes Award «Hottest Music Start-Up», 2007